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logo Now that I'm back in the U.K.( and missing the warm waters of the Caribbean ), I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the diving I did while on holiday. All the staff were so helpful, professional and above all fun. I will be returning again hopefully next year and will be in touch with you straight away to arrange more dives. I'll be happy to help Jeanne to do the hotel pickups.
Tim Dop - U.K.

logo Hightide was great. Met Willie, Willie's Mom ( who does the pickups ) and Willie's partner Gavin. Pam, who does the booking and the rest of the staff was great; friendly and very helpful. The dive masters Joseph, Shantal and Marjorie where helpful, knowledgeable and safety conscious. I'd recommend them and suggest you keep using them.
Paul Taylor - Canada

logo I am sending you this e mail to thank you for the excellent service and treatment I received this past Wednesday, November 19th. In particular, I must point out that Shantal was especially wonderful and extremely helpful right from the start when I indicated that I had never been that deep and had only done reefs. She was my diving buddy to the Stravronikita and the Dottins. I was a little cautious having never done souch an advanced dive. Shantal was very helpful with every detail or question I had and most of all made me feel comfortable and confident. I also observed her tending to details on the boat such as serving juice to the divers and lugging empty tanks around. I had a great dive and am ready for more and also deeper dives. I expect to return in late January and want to dive the wrecks in Carlisle Bay.
Joe Wilson - U.S.A.

logo Please thank Lisa for all her good work in helping me achieve my open water diver certification. Lisa and all the people around Hightide made the experience absolutely fantastic. Please especially thank Jeanne for running me back and forth between Hightide and my hotel, we had some lovely chats during our travels. Thanks again and I hope to dive with you again next time I am on your beautiful Island  .
Carole Slater - U.K.

logo This is just to say how impressed I was with HIGHTIDE Watersports at Coral Reef Club Hotel, St. James during our stay 26/7/03 - 2/8/03. The watersports centre was well organised, with friendly, efficient staff and it was always easy to book activities. Chris was very helpful in getting me back on water skis for the first time in 8 years following a series of shoulder operations. He came up with a variety  of helpful ways to make me ski again, something I had wanted to do for a long time. Chad, a relatively new member of your staff was excellent. He persuaded me that learning to sail rather than just being a passenger would be more rewarding and enjoyable and he was absolutely right. He is a very good teacher. Patient and calm, despite my nerves, he gave me back confidence in using my shoulders and got me hooked on sailing. Many guests commented on his skills as a sailor and teacher; a valuable addition to your team. I have let Coral Reef Club know how impressed I was with HIGHTIDE via the evaluation form, but I wanted to let you know personally. I look forward to improving my sailing skills on our next visit to Coral Reef in April 2004.  
Wendy Hooper - U.K.
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